Custom Broker Service
Others can, Apex are certainly;
Apex can, others are not certainly

Custom Broker Services:

The advantage that Apex Logistics Ltd. to provide the efficient and economics custom broker services because to provide to regulatory compliance to match requirements of clients and it's a channel of our full range Service.

We are able to achieve the service quality what we promised & already have many years' experiences upon handling the custom broker service.

For example, many people thought that Hong Kong is the free port, no tax, the import and export cargo no need to: make custom declaration, this is not the correct idea .

In fact, according to the stipulation of Hong Kong custom, for some special commodity, there're some limit for import cargo and export cargo and transit cargo, even some cargo, importer and exporter must have the license otherwise do not be allowed to import or export or transit the merchandise, also, for every cargo, need make custom declaration to pay tax and charges.

For make custom declaration to Hong Kong Custom, we have Electronic custom declaration system to make custom declaration through internet.

For custom broker service, we are able to handle the custom broker role as bellows:

  1. Export from Hong Kong, China, other port to make export custom declaration to Custom.
  2. Import custom declaration for the cargoes from overseas to: Hong Kong & Mainland China requires custom broker service.
  3. Custom broker for destination side.
  4. Custom broker services for On-Forwarding Service (Transit Cargoes)

For custom broker services, will be different if different customers, different commodities, different origin, different destination..., so, just contact us, our Staff will design a package service for you.

Additional Services for Custom broker:
For additional services upon custom broker matters, Likes:
Insurance: we know that while the global movement of Cargo is integral to world commerce, insuring that cargo is essential for the prosperity of today's shipper & We will be very glad to analysis types of each insurance policy for our customers to arrange the most suitable insurance for our customers under very attractive Rate & for satisfy various destinations rules, likes should apply the certificate of origin, consultation of Ambassadors, pre-inspection ..