Inland Truck Service
Economical, Efficient, Priority, Speed
In modern society, exist strong competitions; it’s necessary for everybody to work
Together upon a project but doing different things. so, for all our customers, just need to put efforts upon their own business , for all matters upon transportation , no doubt that Apex Logistics Ltd. will take care .

We always aware that if we are able to take care well every things on organizing inland truck transportation, custom clearance, insurance, storage inventories
, Etc… then, our customers will have much more time to develop more business, to get much more benefit than just handling such jobs.

In past years, our experienced colleagues used modern facility, handled hundreds of containers every month upon inland truck services & among freight forwarders field, always have good reputation.

We hope we will become a competent partner for all our customers to handle the take inland delivery and distribution of goods from any where & to anywhere they appointed, despite any kind of merchandises, FCL/FCL, LCL/LCL, domestics distribution or inland service to/from south China, we always put the highest attentions , arrange most efficient way, offer the most attractive rate to our customers & make the cargoes arrive in due time , good order, upon inland truck services, we’re able to provide the “ Full Service “ to satisfy the demands of various customers……

Excluded above, for destination side, through our global agent network, we are able to proud offer various types of services depending on the customer requirements, to the“ Door To Door “ services.
Therefore, our service package will include all service from anywhere of our customers to anywhere abroad they appointed, it’s the
Real “ Door to Door “ Service (consignee’s door, free port, bonded or not boned),
Even included labeling, palletizing, re-packing, will be no problem for us to
Offer the service under very economical charges from customers, for schedule, we
Will choose the most efficiently way to control schedule of arrival.

For facility, we have modern EDP equipment enable can guarantee a prompt & reliable administrative handling, precise & quick for custom clearances, prepare correct documentations. If necessary, we are able to provide pre-shipping inspection & also, insurance protection for the goods all along the way, covering interim transport …

For the inland service, we are able to provide bellows services:

Transshipment to and from Hong Kong and Mainland China
Door to Door Pick Up and Delivery & Domestic distribution
Domestic Distribution
Forwarding Documentation
Customs Brokerage, Pre-carriage, on forwarding & Documentation for Inland truck service.