Logistics Service
Why Apex offer logistics service?

For a well established enterprise, goods kept in stock controlled well or not, will inflect the transportation cost , personnel cost , stock cost . Furthermore, if can make useless stocks to be minimum, can accelerate manufacturing efficiency, control ready date correctly, to raise reputation of commerce.

After the productions finished, arranged most economical, most efficient transportation ways (air, land, sea) to send the productions to receivers overseas.
Invisible, increased additional values of the cargos & enhance the competition of the enterprise.

Apex integrated our current services upon ocean, air to be our logistics service, also, the warehouses in Hong Kong for receiving, storages, dispatch & custom broker (business representatives), domestic, China/Hong Kong container inland truck service.
Point different customers, different demands to design different logistics services.

For transportation co. as us, what offering logistics services, is a trend, make the transportation co. cooperate with clients be in a same position. Also, can provide our professional ability to increase the strata upon services for our customers endless.

We offer the best service quality

For every customer, before we served, will be specific staff point out the characteristics of productions, trade term (FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU ) , Received orders models ( OEM, ODM, OIM, EMS, CEM ), the special regulation at origin & destination to design the specific logistics procedures.
Also, for different trades, demands of different co., also design different payment terms.

For special condition or match demands of customers, just use part services of us (For example, from booking, custom broker, transportation, storage, door to door service, till pay tax), we’ll see the actual condition to adjust. Even among part of the services,
Customers also can just arrange a few procedures of service of us, for example, upon the custom broker service of us, only let us to make visa for Form A or for Certificate of Origin , upon the warehouse service, just let us to put label.

Also, for the condition, we’ll make them to be the references for future procedures, improving & adjust endless, to match demands of customers. Furthermore, Maintain best service quality.

For each shipment, we’ll report cargoes status on time or let our customers to inquire about from our web site to let our customers can control their cargoes.

Our co. have well interior investigates of us, we’ll hire profession consult co., check all our operation procedures & their effects.

For what we worked hard, not only for ourselves, only because of we always consider everything as per customers’ consideration.