Warehouse Service
Enable "Our Warehouse" =" Customer's Warehouse "

Under the market competition grows day by day, all enterprises facing many of questions, just in the control which stock, must through the centralized management to find the best and the most efficiency way, enable to simplifies procedures, speed up the delivery time as well as reduces cost .

When delivery time faster, cost reduced, at the same time, the competitive ability of enterprise also increased.

Under these goals, due to cost consideration as well as more effective use enterprise itself space, must consider to transfer the jobs for receive, delivery & storage cargos in outside warehouse.

The warehouse we use for provide the warehouse & storage service, as 1 modern facility warehouse, total area approximately: 70,000 square feet, 20,000 square feet for floor space, 50,000 square meters as container yard outside.

On the equipment, has the automatic fire prevention system, 24 hours television monitor security system, also, other transportation equipments, for example: Forklift, trailer, trucks and so on.

On the operating system, has the specialized warehouse & storage computer operating system as well as the most specialized operation staff to operate & can provide stock quantity report anytime.

We provided various, such as: Long-Term Storage, Consolidate Container, deconsolidate Container, Distribution, replacement packing, Pastes the label, provided the place for test, Inspection, fumigation, and all other services that our customers requested.

What all our efforts as for let our customer, when uses our warehouse services, same as use their own warehouse.